Monday, December 13, 2010

commisioned piece for Celine!!!

I was recently commissioned by Ben Soto to do this piece for his very talented, shoe designer wife Celine Ouaknine Soto. Celine has designed shoes for Jennifer Lopez, Betsey Johnson, Gwen Stephani's shoe line L.A.M.B and many others. I follow Celine's shoe blog regularly, had a blast researching and designing all the cute sexy shoes on her blog. I felt so inspired by all her shoes, from now on, I will definitely be adding more detail to my characters shoes.

My warm ups before starting the final.


Muttpuppy said...

That is totally rad! Congratulations!

JediMom said...

Too cute girl! Love it!!

(I wish I could wear shoes like that too).



TheShoeGirl said...

Just so you know... I actually cried when Ben showed me your sketch. ♥
I know that's a little dramatic but it's just so perfect.

Thank you :)

sadie said...

Muttpuppy- thanks!!!

Stacy- I didn't know this was u. I saw the JediMom, and I thought of you....but it was u!!!:D I love the pic.

Celine- Whenever I have a rough day @ work I visit your blog, and it makes it all better :)

jewlz. said...

Are you selling any of these...I would love to buy one.

Je suis Sophie said...

I love the header you created for theshoegirl! It's really really cute! Must have taken a lot of time, isn't it?

x Je suis Sophie

Ancia said...

I adore your sketches! They're awesome!