Monday, August 17, 2009

La Yorona

As a kid my mom would always tell me the story about La Yorona (the crying lady). Its about a woman who's husband leaves her for another woman, and out of anger she drowns her kids in the river. After realizing what shes done, the mother weeps near the river wanting her kids back. After crying for several days, she drowns her self in the river. So it is said that you can hear her crying at night, calling for her kids. If you hear her cry near, it means her spirit is far. If her cry sounds far she is near, and if you take one look at her, you will die. The tale is popular in all Latin America, but the story changes in each country. What a sad scary story to tell your children, but it did keep me from playing late at night as a kid. The best part is hearing stories from family members, who claim to have heard her cry and had actually seen her. I always thought that once I became an adult, they would give in and tell me it was all a lie, but they still stand by their word.