Thursday, April 03, 2008


I was looking out side the window at work, and this is what I saw.
I had to draw It, I couldn't find my wacom pen, so I did a quick sketch with the mouse.
I thought it was funny, but cool at the same time.
I' had never seen a Muslim women driving, with her veil thingy, I thought they weren't aloud to.

Maybe they were rebelling against their husbands and were getting away.


Anonymous said...

I just started using a wacom yesterday. Its so darn hard to control. I'll post a 2 drawing or 2 with the day.

Anonymous said...

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Boogervampire said...

LOL!! Yay Sadie has a blog too! Love all the stuff on here so far, and this particular post is super funny.

Munchanka said...

Cool sketch, Sadie! At first I thought it was a ninja family on vacation. Now I may have to do that drawing myself.

eggzakly said...

I love this sketch - I want a car just like that one!!